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Gov. Cuomo signs bill restoring long-used reimbursement formula for nonpublic schools

After vetoing similar legislation last year, Governor Cuomo has signed a bill that restores a standard for calculating state reimbursement of administrative mandates placed on Catholic and other religious and independent schools. The “instructional time” standard of 5 hours per day for K-6 and 5.5 hours per day for 7-12 had been used for nearly […]

Statement on the continuing tragedy of clergy sexual abuse

The catastrophic clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, and the continuing revelations about its depth, has been the cause of unimaginable suffering for the many victim-survivors and their loved ones. It has also deeply impacted the lay faithful. Nothing can ever undo the damage that has been done, but the Church has indeed […]

Because we can see them

By Kathleen M. Gallagher Like most people, I was glued to the news about the boys’ soccer team lost inside a cave in Thailand. I prayed every day, first, that they would be found, and once they were, that somehow they could be successfully rescued. I rejoiced when they emerged from that deep, dark, wet […]

Cardinal Dolan blasts family separation border policy

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the New York State Catholic Conference, strongly criticized the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents who entered the country illegally at the nation’s southern border. The cardinal made the comments to Chris Cuomo on his CNN program Cuomo Prime Time June 15. […]

We need consistent messages about suicide prevention

By Kathleen M. Gallagher The recent suicides of designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain highlight a deeply disturbing trend in the United States. Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that suicides are climbing in the United States. The suicide rate went up more than 30% in half of the […]

A.6823-C, Paulin /S.5988-B, Lanza: In relation to the sex trafficking of children

Memorandum of Support The above-referenced legislation would eliminate the need to prove force, fraud, or coercion beyond a reasonable doubt in cases of children who are prostituted for sex by sex traffickers who are age 21 or older. This legislation builds on New York’s current anti-trafficking laws and gives prosecutors the tools they need to […]

S.1858-B, Bonacic / A.3088-B, Abinanti: In relation to authorizing summer camps to hire certain licensed professionals to provide services

Memorandum of Support The New York State Catholic Conference supports this legislation that allows children’s overnight camps, summer day camps, and traveling summer day camps which serve children with special needs to contract with certain specified licensed health care professionals in order to better serve the mental and physical needs of children during their summer […]

Re: A.9903 Cusick / S.8175 Marcellino In relation to the calculation of nonpublic school aid

Memorandum of Support The above-referenced legislation would clarify that the State Education Department may continue to utilize the nearly four decades old “instructional time” standard as the basis for providing reimbursement to nonpublic schools for their participation in the mandated services aid program. The New York State Catholic Conference supports this measure and strongly urges […]

A.10427-A Barron, et al / S.8503 Parker: In relation to admission to the specialized high schools in the City of New York

Memorandum of Opposition The above-referenced legislation would eliminate the current competitive and objective scholastic achievement test used for determining admission to the specialized high schools of the City of New York in lieu of a system of multiple subjective measures and quotas. Further, the measure also guarantees a considerable number of seats at such schools […]

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