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Testimony Regarding Gestational Surrogacy

Following is testimony of the New York State Catholic Conference submitted in writing to a hearing of the Assembly Committee on Judiciary and Assembly Committee on Health regarding Gestational Surrogacy , 250 Broadway, New York, N.Y. May 24, 2018 Chairman Dinowitz, Chairman Gottfried, and Honorable Members of the Assembly Judiciary and Health Committees, thank you […]

Testimony on Physician-Assisted Suicide Legislation

Testimony of the New York State Catholic Conference regarding the “Medical Aid in Dying Act” (A.2383-A / S.3151-A). Submitted by Edward T. Mechmann, Esq., Assembly Hearing Room, 19th Floor, 250 Broadway, New York, N.Y. May 3, 2018 Mr. Chairman, Members of the Assembly, good afternoon. My name is Edward Mechmann, I am the Director of […]

A.5885-A, Rosenthal (Same as A.8421, Rosenthal / S.6575, Hoylman / S.6722, Rules): In relation to civil and criminal changes to the statute of limitations in cases of child sexual abuse

Memorandum of Opposition The Catholic Church has zero tolerance for sexual abuse and supports proposals in the New York State Legislature to extend the time allowed under the law to file criminal charges or civil lawsuits against those who abuse children. Sexual abuse is a societal scourge. It knows no boundaries. Protecting children from sexual […]

S.7863, Tedisco / A.10013, Crespo: In relation to notification to mothers of their right to bury their child

Memorandum of Support The above-referenced legislation would require hospitals to notify mothers who suffer a natural miscarriage at any point in their pregnancy that they have the right to bury their child. The New York State Catholic Conference supports this bill. Under current Public Health Law, a burial permit is required for the burial or […]

Fatal Flaws in Assisted Suicide Legislation

Printable PDF Here Proponents of the so-called “Medical Aid-in-Dying Act” (A.2383-A/S.3151-A) argue that it contains safeguards which protect vulnerable patients. Yet a close examination of the bill’s language reveals inadequate protections for patients most at risk of abuse, and lower medical standards than elsewhere in the Public Health Law. The bill lacks transparency and accountability, […]

A.10006, Paulin / S.4278, Ranzenhofer: In relation to chemical digestion of human remains

Memorandum Requesting Amendment The above-referenced bill seeks to amend the definition of “cremation” under the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law to include “any other technical process.” The New York State Catholic Conference opposes the prospect that this bill under the amended definition would allow for a process known as alkaline hydrolysis. The Catholic Conference understands that crematories […]

S.5988-A, Lanza / A.6823-B, Paulin: In relation to the sex trafficking of children

Memorandum of Support The above-referenced legislation would eliminate the need to prove force, fraud, or coercion beyond a reasonable doubt in cases of children who are prostituted for sex. This legislation builds on New York’s current anti-trafficking laws and gives prosecutors the tools they need to crack down on this horrendous crime, which is a […]

S.6736, Valesky / A.6099-A, Lupardo: In relation to authorizing banks to protect vulnerable adults from financial exploitation

Memorandum of Support The above-referenced legislation would authorize banking organizations to refuse to disburse moneys in circumstances where there is reason to believe that a vulnerable adult may be being financially exploited. This legislation would allow, but not require, a banking institution to act to protect the financial assets of a vulnerable adult from theft […]

A.9957, Cahill: In relation to expanding contraceptive insurance coverage

Memorandum of Opposition The above-referenced legislation, requested by the Attorney General, would expand current law to require increased insurance coverage for contraception, abortion-causing drugs, and voluntary sterilization. The New York State Catholic Conference opposes this measure. In 2002, New York State lawmakers passed the “Women’s Health and Wellness Act” which requires insurance plans with prescription […]

A7302-A, Cusick / S.5660-A, Lanza: In relation to the New York State Child Protection Act of 2018

Memorandum of Support The above-referenced bill is an omnibus child protection initiative designed to protect children from sexual abuse, and to allow existing and future survivors of such abuse a longer opportunity to seek justice in both criminal and civil courts. The New York State Catholic Conference strongly supports this bill. By eliminating the criminal […]