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Upcoming Dates


St Rocco - Confirmation Rehearsal  - Tuesday, April 26 - 4:00 pm
St Patrick - First Communion Rehearsal - Wednesday, April 27 - 7:00 pm
St Rocco - Confirmation - Thursday, April 28 - 4:00 pm
St Patrick - First Communion - Saturday, April 30 - 11:00 am
St Patrick - Confirmation Rehearsal - Thursday, May 12 - 7:00 pm
St Patrick - Confirmation - Saturday, May 14 - 10:00 am
St Rocco - First Communion - Saturday, May 14 - 4:00 pm
St Rocco - First Communion - Sunday, May 15 - 10:15 am
St Rocco - First Communion - Sunday, May 22 - 10:15 am



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The Religious Education Programs of St Hyacinth, St Patrick and St Rocco are all being managed together under the "Glen Cove Catholic" umbrella. We are doing our best to respect the identity of each parish, while centralizing the administrative duties.

Each parish will continue to celebrate the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation separately.

Our Religious Education Program consists of three main components:

1. Mass Attendance:

            By far, the most important part of any Religious Education Program is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We ask that you make sure that your child comes to mass every Sunday and Holy Day. This is not optional – our faith is a lived experience, not an academic subject. Your good example here is critical. If you do not come to mass regularly yourself, your child will also have no interest. And if the children are not coming to mass, then Religious Education will be pointless.

2. Catechesis:

            We will be using the “My Catholic Faith Delivered” online catechesis program. All students will be required to complete 100% of the online material to be able to move on to the next grade and to receive the sacraments of First Communion and Confirmation.

            As an alternative, if you prefer to teach your child at home personally, we can provide you with a textbook and workbook, which are available in English or Spanish. When the student has completed the workbook, we ask that you bring it to the Parish office so that we can mark the student down as having completed the work.

            In either case, we ask that the student complete their work by April 1st.

3. Faith Encounters:

            In order to provide an element of personal interaction, we are offering a one-hour Faith Encounter on Thursdays for each grade at St Patrick and St Rocco in the Parish Church. These will be led by one of the Parish Priests and will focus on how we live our Christian Faith, covering topics such as spirituality, liturgy, and prayer.

            These Faith Encounters are mandatory for 2nd and 8th graders, and optional for all other grades.


If you would like to register your child for our Religious Education Program, please call Natalie Velasquez at 516-676-0276 ext. 126, or email: [email protected]
You can also stop by the Parish Office at St Patrick or St Rocco.
You can download the registration form here:




We look forward to working with you this school year!

Fr. Josef Norys
Director of Religious Education